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Jun 29, 2005 by Aron Cronin
Re:  Hello

We saw Sudhi and Preethi while they were in London earlier this month - first I knew of this diary site. Have been happily dipping in and out of it this afternoon ... when I should be working! You ...  (more...)
May 16, 2005 by selina morales
Re:  travel

hello from brazil, from a fellow traveller, from an exhausted tired ready for her own bed and couch traveller who has gained tons of happy weioght eating and drinking with lovely people around the ...  (more...)
May 5, 2005 by joyin chou
Re:  just to say hello

Hey Neha,

Took a look after wondering why I hadn't seen you on msn for some time. Your website looks great! I'm really jealous, wish I was going somewhere exciting! Well take care, and have fun.
Apr 29, 2005 by Naveed Khan
Re:  Durban

please tell you are going to Durban - you absolutely MUST. c'mon you are gonna be in africa for 4 months!!
Apr 8, 2005 by Martin Leitch
Re:  SA

When you guys coming to SA? Can you make it for the weekend of the 1st May?
I've booked a flight for Ali to come down - it would be great if the 4 of us can catch up! If you are in Cape Town - we'll ...  (more...)
Apr 5, 2005 by Mum Lakhani
Re:  Miss you both a lot.

Hope you both are keeping well. As I am realy enjoying reading your journal and everyday waiting to see your photos, please make sure you keep them sending everyday? all right not every day but make ...  (more...)
Mar 2, 2005 by Rishi Badiani
Re:  Trip away

Hi Bhen (and Kiran), glad to see you guys are having a great time. Keep the updates coming and keep enjoying yourselves while we are stuck here in "sunny" uk.
Feb 27, 2005 by Maurice Castelijn
Re:  Fantastic photos!!

Hello Kiran & Neha - Fantastic pictures!! I love them. Thought I'd drop a line this time, instead of saying nothing and just taking in your views. Here, all is "different busy". Your pictures are not ...  (more...)
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