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5 Apr 2008 by Kenneth Waldner
Re:  Road trip to Switzerland

Sorry for the late reply,Iam in Romania now and couldnt get internet.We are having problems with our credit cards now,but should get it figured out soon.When we will Imight get back to you as we cant ...  (more...)
19 Mar 2008 by Kenneth Waldner
Re:  Driving Switzerland??

Hello there,I just found this web site and your pics.Me and my buddy's are going to be in Frankfurt April 19 and were thinking of renting a car and touring Switzerland.Seeing your pics that is about ...  (more...)
11 Oct 2007 by Jos Zijlstra
Re:  welcome home

Have a good journey back and welcome home!
Seems you had a fantastic trip so you will need the time to digest all that. Kind regards Jos.
8 Oct 2007 by Larissa Perego
Re:  St Petes

The photos of the Cathedral are amazing. blown away!
7 Oct 2007 by Lisette and Peter Lehnen
Re:  trip journal

Hello Herman and Judy, We follow your trip journal and we enjoy it when we are reading it and the fhotos are beautiful. We wish you both a nice fligh back to Austaliƫ.
Greetings Lisette and Peter.
7 Oct 2007 by Mick Ramm
Re:  Grizzling, griping, moaning, groaning, whinging and whining

Judy, stop all of the above.

Cleaning pots, pans, bathrooms and toilets will keep you in touch with reality.

As for twidling knobs...., stop that, too!

6 Oct 2007 by Pauline Langley
Re:  Rome

It is sad to see all that grafitti in such an ancient city it spoils the look of it, but then again wall scribbling has been going on for centuries really it's just bigger and more noticeable now. I ...  (more...)
5 Oct 2007 by Leah Raschella
Re:  chat

Hi sorry have not been in contact sooner we have been off line most of the time since we got back from Queensland .
Andrew came over last night to fix my computer, so I am looking forward to spending ...  (more...)
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