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Nov 17, 2005 by you can call me sir denton
Re:  your ass

jenkins, get you balls over here!!!!!!!!

its chris, i've lost your email, get in touch you slacker!

Sep 7, 2005 by Anthea Watson
Re:  Welcome home!

Welcome back! I shall miss your website! Hope to see an addition to it soon regarding your adventures in sunny Northampton - you'll certainly see a few strange sights! Good luck Helen in Southampton ...  (more...)
Sep 6, 2005 by Sir Christopher Peter Burton of North East Englandeeey
Re:  The sad end to such a wonderful trip

Saw the pics from the end of your trip, what a contrast to Oz. Well it has been an absolute pleasure spending the best part of my time in Australia with yous. Being in a hot country is nice but its ...  (more...)
Sep 5, 2005 by Sophie Boshywikky
Re:  u guys

Hey G and H,
i hope you made it back fine! Just wanted to say: it was lovely to meet u and hopefully we'll meet again in the future! (and of course thanx for putting my name in the thanks-list, very ...  (more...)
Sep 5, 2005 by Jodie B
Re:  Welcome Back

Hey Dudes,

Ive checked in every now and again and it has been an out of this world trip .. you must be Ko'd! Wicked feeling though, not always great to back in the UK but keep positive and make it ...  (more...)
Sep 3, 2005 by Brian Jenkins
Re:  Excellent Year

It was exactly 1 year ago today I posted the very first message on your website... I know your trip has been a fantastic adventure, you have been to some remarkable and wonderfull places, eaten all ...  (more...)
Sep 2, 2005 by Ann Osborne
Re:  Welcome back to the UK

Dear Helen and Gareth

I just wanted to say how much we have enjoyed looking at your website during the last year. glada to hear you have had a great time. We missed you when we were in Cornwall but ...  (more...)
Sep 2, 2005 by Regan anderson
Re:  Tour Trip to China

hey guys thought id check ot your web site its very good lol well we are safe and sound back home nw in Wellington New Zealand its rather cold lol we had a safe trip back i hope you guys had a safe ...  (more...)
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