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May 5, 2007 by barbara mouzer
Re:  hats

that hat is certainly a fashion statement son!!!!!!!!!!!! love mom
May 4, 2007 by Nat Kuczerawy (Kuch)
Re:  Green eyed monster!

Hey mouzer,

Long time no see, speak, hear!! Nice to see you haven't changed a bit, you are still highly amuzing!! Im so jealous but really hope you are having an amazing time and cant wait for more ...  (more...)
May 3, 2007 by Burka Beef
Re:  Looking good!!

It's looking good Mr Luva Luva, finally got back into u re site so no more emails!! Some of things look amazing can't believe your scrawny self gets to do this while we re sitting in the library!!
May 1, 2007 by Lucy Edmonds
Re:  easy geez

as if iv only just found this, i feel quite underprivilidged! all looks faboo in the world of jon so we'll hear from u soon, but not too soon lol take care xx
Apr 19, 2007 by ste wright
Re:  hows it goin?

alrite jon jus avin a look through ur journal sounds great especially sydney!lookin forward to seein sum more updates and pics of the places uve visited recently! speak to u soon!
Apr 12, 2007 by sam greatrex
Re:  journal

alright jon, had a great laugh reading through your travel experiences - i thought that seeing temples and speaking with swedish philosophists might have made you a bit more sensible so its good to ...  (more...)
Mar 28, 2007 by Dave Newey
Re:  Willy the wasp

Alright johnson,
I must say that this journal you got goin is thoroughly interesting and informative. I particularly enjoyed learning of that dastardly "Willy the Wasp" and your courage in overcoming ...  (more...)
Mar 25, 2007 by Daryl Danks
Re:  Wassup blood?

Hows it goin mate just been on your journal for the first time you have wrote some funny stuff lol.

went for saras b'days last night i was so drunk i couldnt see straight lol.
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