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Apr 6, 2007 by Kathy Whitehill
Re:  this site

This is for you Paul. I am Barb's cousin and I am very impresed with this site. You did a wonmderful job. I am very impressed.
Mar 22, 2007 by Barbara Miller
Re:  our trip

Paul, your blog is fantastic! You brought back to memory a number of wonderful events on the trip. Thanks so much. S.A. next!(?)
Mar 20, 2007 by Diane Ell
Re:  Trip Downunder

Hi Paul, I'm a cousin of Barb's from Wpg. I thoroughly enjoyed the blog & pics. that you put up. Barb's brother Frank forwarded the site to me and it is probably the closest I will get to Australia. I ...  (more...)
Mar 9, 2007 by Lisa Lincoln
Re:  The rain -

Hi Paul,
Glad to see you are making the best of your vacation. I'm sure you still have some very nice days remaining. Glad you stocked the fridge. Enjoy!!
Mar 8, 2007 by Barbara Ventola
Re:  "The Trip"

I am just a Miller relative from Toronto - What a GREAT blog to read! Thanks to Barb for emailing the heads up and nice to know that you are all having such a great holiday down under. Happy ...  (more...)
Mar 8, 2007 by Dona Saunders
Re:  trip

Paul, so glad your computer is back up. Have loved reading your diary - we have definitely benefited from your communications background - and the pictures are breathtaking. What a wonderful ...  (more...)
Mar 5, 2007 by Judy Thomas
Re:  Blogs & beards

Dear Paul, I have just spent a wonderful 1/2 hour (or so) reading your blog. It's fantastic to share your experiences this way. Other than that really early morning stuff where you get up and ...  (more...)
Mar 3, 2007 by Frank Jacques
Re:  downunder

Hello Paul, I'm Barbs youngest brother. hope you all are enjoying yourselves immensely. Please tell them I said HI from Winnipeg where it is a balmy -11 degrees today.
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