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Mar 3, 2007 by rachel farley
Re:  foy

sounds like u are having a fantastic time!!! keep ur eyes open 4 my friend phil, ok i no oz is a big place but hes from bishopton n is 1 of my dearest friends n hes there now!
wahoo, cant ...  (more...)
Feb 25, 2007 by Nicki French
Re:  ur photos

Ok french i am no longer goin to bug you to put pics too jealous. i wanna be on Bondi beach!!! xxx
Feb 21, 2007 by terry foy
Re:  Kinder Boo

Hi Steph am typing this at the gym as I wait for my aquarobics class to start.I don't get to send E mails from exotic places any more , just places of pain. The hobbit is on a diet as of yesterday so ...  (more...)
Feb 19, 2007 by Lesley welsh

Feb 18, 2007 by Ruth Webb
Re:  sooo jealous!

Hey guys, thought it was about time I left a guestbook message for you both! Sounds like you are both having a fantastic time - I knew you would! I'm just mighty jealous! Reading your updates and ...  (more...)
Feb 17, 2007 by jimmy fizzle
Re:  special offer on viagra

hello hello hello it's big jimmy here from the south of england, the one with the funny accent, u must remember me, i think we're related somehow... anyway it looks like ur really enjoyin urself out ...  (more...)
Feb 15, 2007 by Richard Foy
Re:  Frenchie's fotos

I started looking at these thinking I would be seeing sights of Sydney. However, I seem to remember seeing that Hindu temple entrance when on holiday in Singapore a number of years ago!!!! Is this a ...  (more...)
Feb 12, 2007 by Gerry Foy
Re:  Greetings

Hi Steph,
Impressed with your spirit of adventure! Your description of Perth and the pics of Sydney etc bring back lots of memories for Jude and me. We didn't try surfing but I recall inattention to ...  (more...)
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