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6 Mar 2007 by Andy Smith
Re:  Guide books

If you happen to be passing a shop that selling one in English then that would be cool!
I don't suppose your around early afternoon on Friday 23rd, about 2.30 3ish? We're having a team meeting in ...  (more...)
5 Mar 2007 by Joanne Ferebee
Re:  Hello

HI Sweetie - sorry for the bottom of my last e-mail - I was having a problem with the text so I had copied part of an e-mail I sent to Nicola (from the office) and forgot to delete the bit I had ...  (more...)
28 Feb 2007 by Joanne Ferebee
Re:  I've built my own vacuum!

Hello sweetie,
I hope this finds you well. You certainly look like you are having a fab time from your photos. I am now half way through my first week and although I am missing lots of people at PwC, ...  (more...)
28 Feb 2007 by Andy Smith
Re:  Wow

Wow, wow, wow. I want to visit there! What's the climbing like? It looks like there's some good deep water soloing stuff around. Let me know if you see any guide books for the area!
Andy x
P.S. Passed ...  (more...)
25 Feb 2007 by Andy Smith
Re:  How are you feeling?

Really sorry to hear about you feeling bad again, personally I think it's down to too much (or not enough)alcohol! Have you fully recovered yet? Even with your illness it still seems like you've be ...  (more...)
25 Feb 2007 by Gemma Alderton
Re:  Hello!

Hey Claire! Glad to hear you're feeling better - so sorry to hear you've been so unwell, such a shame...I'm amazed you seemed so upbeat in your messages....hopefully you'll stay better and will no ...  (more...)
24 Feb 2007 by Jo Ferebee
Re:  I've left!

Hello sweetie, what can I say.....the lengths people will go to, to meet their new years resolution of loosing weight! I have been trying and lost about 2 lbs - at this rate I will have lost a stone ...  (more...)
23 Feb 2007 by McMarkie, Microlottes and Uncle F The collective
Re:  You're officiall half a Frani

Blimey Chick,

Talk about attention seeking, if you weren't getting enough attention you only had to mention it and we would have rellied round.

Anyway you are officially now only half a Frani! Now I ...  (more...)
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