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23 Dec 2007 by Barry Fink
Re:  your trip

Hi amy,

In all your adventures, do you remember the day spent in Colonia with Liz and me? Well, I just wanted to fill you in- I have been at my new job, and home, in Kansas since July, and Liz is now ...  (more...)
8 Oct 2007 by Adar Thomas
Re:  thailand

Hi Amy hope youre the last leg of your trip - looking forward to see you back home !! Adar Alex Jess Will xxx
2 Oct 2007 by Finn Samuelsen
Re:  Hi :)

Hello 1-daaaaalllar girl! :) Nice to hear from you and we're looking forward to seeing you again in Bangkok in a couple of days! Have read some of your blogs and I'm looking forward to getting time to ...  (more...)
10 Sep 2007 by Manoj Luhar
Re:  Wow...

Your pics look amazing. Very jealous. Can't believe its almost time for you to come back.

See you soon,

9 Sep 2007 by richard thomas
Re:  Delights to Come

take care

17 Jun 2007 by Barry Fink
Re:  Amy on the Inca trail

Amy, Just had a chance to look at some of the photos, from your hike up the Inca trail. Very impressive, though I couldn't locate the 54 year old- are you sure she made it to the top?? Was any English ...  (more...)
4 Jun 2007 by richard thomas
Re:  The Welshies

I'm really envious - the welsh colony is one of the few places in south america I'd like to go to. You might even hear a bit of singing!!

Remember - Bore Dda( as in hit me ) and Nos dda will help you ...  (more...)
31 May 2007 by Raj P
Re:  Jealous of what you are doing but happy for you ;-p

Hey Amy

Hows it going?
I saw you on facebook the other day and it reminded me of your adventure so I thought I would check out this link.

Hows the tan coming along?

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