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19 Aug 2006 by sarah c
Re:  snakes.

i have just seen snakes on a plane, and there were snakes on a plane from hawaii. i can't spell hawaii. i hope there were no snakes on your plane :) hurray! you are home tomorrow!
19 Aug 2006 by Mum morton
Re:  Quick hello!

John has just told me you've been posting messages as you come home! So I hope you'll get this one in Newark. I hadn's twigged that it was GATWICK you were coming in to so it's just as well John and ...  (more...)
18 Aug 2006 by Big N Little ash
Re:  Kangaroo

Don't forget, if you have to battle a kangaroo out there, for your lunch, or the amusement of the natives or something, the best way to beat a roo: "Grab 'is flamin' balls, mate."
16 Aug 2006 by Denise Whyte
Re:  Coming Home

Unbelievable that you are home in the next few days!! - although equally it seems ages since you went. We will have to come and see you soon - hear things first hand! You have obviously had an amazing ...  (more...)
15 Aug 2006 by Jack Brown
Re:  ur menu

sounds like a great menu but if u have a roast u gotta eat meat fiona. it wouldnt be a good roast without it. also u HAVE TO DO THE CHALLENGE. if u cant get someone to feed u will haqve to starve but ...  (more...)
14 Aug 2006 by Jamie Jacobs
Re:  Missing You

U kno wot its like when you havent seen or spoken to anyone for so long u just really dunno what to say. I dont know where Ive been this past year but I really havent managed to keep in touch with ...  (more...)
13 Aug 2006 by laura whyte
Re:  hello from berlin

heya fiona and ash
7 days until you are back YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! mum says can tou bring back some christmas decorations for the tree if not key rings wil do. Are you going to seee the set of neighbours ...  (more...)
13 Aug 2006 by Roger Nash
Re:  Actually, don't Roger Nash.

I am glad that you are enjoying yourselves. However, let it be known that if you post a Neighbours spoiler and I accidentally read it, you will both be meeting with a nasty axe-related accident. ...  (more...)
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