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Sep 2, 2006 by jane bryan
Re:  the tea cup

guys you hace a talent for writing, i almost thought i was with you, until of course i looked out the window and saw the rain!!!!
thank you for sharing your travels with us - its a wonderful escape ...  (more...)
May 15, 2006 by Jane bryan
Re:  i'm a believer

hello there... i believe i believe!!! brilliant to see your smiling faces on the photos! Rosi, sorry to hear about you accident with the tea..,hope all is better now! keep well and happy, enjoy your ...  (more...)
Apr 27, 2006 by Little Helen Jones almost Baxter
Re:  Best Kept Secret

Hi you two
I can't believe it has taking you so long to tell me about your website. I have missed out on 7 months of your travels. Needless to say my quick check of my emails at lunch time ended up ...  (more...)
Apr 23, 2006 by emma firth
Re:  family sundays

hello hello hi!

This is Emma, Andrew, Dad, Chris, Ellie, Issi, Woody and Matilda...oh and tiny tucks! We are all in London watching the marathon this weekend. We been thinking bout you lots and hope ...  (more...)
Apr 18, 2006 by Glynis Brian
Re:  asiatrip

Hi both of you. You definitely are looking like the locals now with those suntans! Sounds wonderful for you - loads of new experiences. The pair of you have a flair for the descriptive side of writing ...  (more...)
Apr 12, 2006 by jane beyan
Re:  an invite to come dancing at the village hall

hello me dears. all seems fantastic and the web site is wonderful but...........there is a distinct lack of rosie and richard photos and on phone to arnie we discussed this and then pondered the ...  (more...)
Mar 11, 2006 by Katherine Wright
Re:  .

I love this! Thanks for sharing your trip with us - like everyone else seems to have said - its lovely to escape cold miserable england and be with you, I always look forward to new pictures! Hurry up ...  (more...)
Feb 25, 2006 by chris firth
Re:  saying thankyou

Hi rosie and richard, thankyou so much for lovely birthday present. I had a fun day waiting in for washing machine repair man and not eating anything in McD's!But did enjoy an adults only evening with ...  (more...)
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