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Feb 11, 2006 by Megan Pierce
Re:  Finally!

I am so glad to see every event that happened during your trip. I am a little bummed that I didn't make your top ten list but I see the competition was fierce. I am so glad you did this trip. Now, ...  (more...)
Dec 21, 2005 by Cheryl (Mama Cheryl) Chapko
Re:  Trip

Dec 20, 2005 by Gerry Smith
Re:  Your trip

What a great trip!!!!!!!!!!! SO exciting. I forwarded the web site to my Dad, Cousin, and sister. My Dad has traveled much of Europe many times. He went to Slovakia about 5 times to visit relatives ( ...  (more...)
Dec 20, 2005 by Chris Smitty
Re:  Yo Yo Yo Philly

Thanks for stopping by the hood last week... I'm sure Philly wasn't a highlight during your worldwide expedition, but Carrie and I absolutely had a blast with you, just like old times. You always have ...  (more...)
Dec 3, 2005 by Nowa & Large
Re:  The Trip of a Lifetime

Mike / Amy .... amazing trip, welcome back Stateside! It's Saturday morning at 3:30AM and we just spent the past 2 hours going thru the site reminiscing ... come to the city this week to kick off the ...  (more...)
Dec 2, 2005 by Stacie Gavaletz
Re:  Extrodinary Trip


I just wanted to wish you a safe trip back. I hope you're continuing to enjoy yourselves. It'll be nice to have you back home.
Dec 1, 2005 by jay buckley
Re:  heading home

Well, you are in the home stretch. When you fly over Omaha on your way to New Hampshire, look down and you will see we just had our first (3 inch) snow fall of the year. Less than the middle of the ...  (more...)
Nov 30, 2005 by wanda wanda
Re:  Trip

It looks like New Zealand was the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure with us. I have truly enjoyed it.
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