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Feb 8, 2006 by Rod & Leta Briggs
Re:  Your many experiences!!

Shelley just sent us your travel site. I just finished reading for an hour; so between laughter and tears am simply amazed at where you have been & what you have done!! We think it's wonderful you are ...  (more...)
Dec 21, 2005 by Taylor Marshall
Re:  Your Trip!!

Sounds like its been an interesting ride so far with the WOOFing. I got a chuckle out of your description of the weirdo roomate you had. That must have sucked about the whole no water thing. The more ...  (more...)
Dec 20, 2005 by Kelly Armstrong
Re:  Ireland

Hey guys, Wow, Ireland that's somewhere I've always wanted to go. It is a little war torn though. Everyone likes the pic's, they can't beleive the color of the water. Michelle isn't that playing in ...  (more...)
Nov 15, 2005 by Chris Pelkey
Re:  The Chicken dance..

Tyler......I'm getting worried about you buddy! Dressing in drag and doing chicken dances! Is there something in the water?? It's great to hear you cats are learning lots about life and yourselves!! ...  (more...)
Nov 8, 2005 by John, Kelly, Miles, Zach and Brady Armstrong
Re:  Chickens

Don't worry Tyler, Miles hates the chicken idea too. You're not the only wuss in the family. Hope you guys are having a great time and we all miss you very much. Take care!

Love Zach
Oct 20, 2005 by Shawn Nephin
Re:  how's the washing machine running?

Thank you Tyler for taking control of the storytelling. If I didn't know any better I would swear that Kona coffee is sponsoring 100% of Michelle's adventures! Sounds like you guys are having the time ...  (more...)
Oct 11, 2005 by shawna ward
Re:  your baby sis

I think i got a little tear in my eye looking at pictures and missing you! and then i saw tylers ass picture and then i just laughed!!!
I really miss you... really!!
I am so happy for you both ...  (more...)
Sep 29, 2005 by lorri ward
Re:  wow

Hey guys, so nice to hear from you at last, things sound amazing. the pics are beautiful(nice um.. shower)I hope you have an awesome time, miss you, love you bunches, Auntie Lorri:) ps. did i mention ...  (more...)
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