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19 Jun 2007 by kel liu
Re:  fun at camp!!!


seems theres a good British representation over there at the camp. lucky guys though! how many girls are there again? :p just kidding! lol! anyway, im expecting a good tan, an adventure tale and ...  (more...)
6 Jun 2007 by kat knight
Re:  im a mong!

hey ive managed to get enogh time to sit down an go through ya web page properly didnt realise could send ya messages here an get ya future info lol! hope ya well cant wait till ya back an can here ...  (more...)
28 May 2007 by Sara Chase
Re:  well wishing

It was nice to meet you at the bus stop after the hike to the top of Diamond Head. I read a few of your entries and plan on following your adventure around the world. If you want to come to ...  (more...)
19 May 2007 by Ashleigh Lock
Re:  Wow!

Hey Robyn,

Just spent a good hour going through your travel blogs and looking at your pictures, i just don't get time to do it at work and we haven't got the internet in our flat so the only chance i get is if i come home to Grays for the weekend (like this weekend!). I have to say i feel literally sick with jealousy at the things you've seen and done! It all looks amazing and it makes me want to quit my job, gather all my worldly possesions and come meet you somewhere!

Thanks very much for all the postcards! I got one from NZ when i got home yesterday :) Looking forward to catching up with you in August, i think everything with me is going to be scarily similar to when you left me! Except for the moving out of course. I imagine you will have a lot to tell me! Enjoy Camp America! Take care!

Ashleigh x x x x x x x x
18 May 2007 by Hannah Hulbert
Re:  Postcard

Thanks for the postcard! I meant to send you a message before but I completely forgot! Sounds like Fiji is absolutely amazing - Wish I was there!
13 May 2007 by Andrew Lisgarten
Re:  Hellooooo thinking of you

hey just thought i'd say hi and hope all is going well. thank you for the postcard i've been keeping up with ur blogs its alwys nice to know ur having fun and enjoying your self. i'm still in Grays , ...  (more...)
30 Apr 2007 by Hannah Hulbert
Re:  29th April

Sounds like a very exciting day ;-)
Thanks for updating so often - its great to know exactly what you're doing, and it all sounds so exciting! Carry on having an amazing time!
28 Apr 2007 by Leanne Lake
Re:  Hello!

Hiya! You'll be home just before my birthday! Yey! Great to see your having fun travelling but i do miss u! Keep updating us and safe travelling! Lea xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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