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Jun 28, 2005 by Phil Wakely
Re:  The Outback and back

Well done, you certainly beat me to the punch, getting your photos up and loaded! I'm in Katherine on the way up to Darwin on the train, sitting next to me is Corina, we are checking emails before the ...  (more...)
May 22, 2005 by Frank Marshall
Re:  Your latest news

Hi Claire and Becky,

I haven't been getting messages about your latest postings because I expect you are still sending to the defunct giointernet address.
However, today I went to the website, anyway, and caught up with all the latest news. It seems as if you're both having a good but, perhaps, exhausting time. I'm glad that you've managed to find jobs, good for the old purse eh! :)
It has always been great to share some of the fun you've had so, as usual, thanks for going to the trouble of keeping the site going. You'll be pleased with your diaries later on in your life in any case, I'm sure.

Becky, It was nice that you made it too Mildura although I was hoping for a few snaps of the environs so that I could get a feel for the place. A good job that Jim lasted for your visit. Maybe you have some other shots stored away which we can see when you return.

It sounds as if you had a ball with John and his friend in Sidney.....I bet you all ate the restuarant larders empty!!....isn't free food just irresistable!! :)

I see that Claire is coming back in August (temporarily), that's not far away in fact you're well over 1/2 way through your full term now.. Doesn't time fly!

Stuart is up in London, sharing a house with the other band members. This is his last fling at success in the business....I hope he's lucky.

Julie is planning to follow in your footsteps next year if she can save enough money. Time will tell; at least you will be able to give her some good advice.

Anyway, until next time, all our love from Ferndown
Mar 13, 2005 by Judy Hojsgaard

Hi Claire

How exciting to get your Mum's e-mail today. Haven't quite worked out how
to view the photos yet but thought I'd send you a line from freezing England, where Spring is desperately trying to ...  (more...)
Feb 25, 2005 by Debs Jackson
Re:  Sister

Hi you guys, have finally managed to get myself connected to the internet and see your web site!!! Glad you are both having such a great time, am very envious.

love from Debs
Jan 31, 2005 by Sarah Brasted
Re:  Steve

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO inpresed that you have seen Steve Irwin in the flesh. I think he is fab. Your trip sounds like its getting better by the day. Perhaps you should work for the BBC and be a travel ...  (more...)
Jan 21, 2005 by katy cottage
Re:  holidays

hi Becky,
I loved this journal -it made me so jealous, but thanks for sharing them with us as it was nice to see you looking so well and happy. The beach at Koh Samui looks great.
Jan 13, 2005 by Karen M
Re:  mamoos long lost friends...

Hi guys - have just looked through the last few months of photos you lucky buggers, what a perfect trip! Loveley cute manimals! Am glad you are both ok, Mamta is missing you and going through tissues ...  (more...)
Jan 5, 2005 by Sarah Hobson
Re:  Thank God!

Hi Gals
Happy New Year!Glad you are ok, been worrying myself stupid that you were still in Thailand, wasn't sure when you were moving onwards. Glad you had fab Xmas & New Year, must be so weird being ...  (more...)
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