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Aug 29, 2012 by Holly Legeas
Re:  TD

Hi there!
Not sure if you remember me, but I was one of the managers at Riverbend TD and we ran into each other again at Whyte Avenue branch. I lost your website address (grrr!) and recently found it on a piece of paper in an old purse! I've bookmarked it and will never lose it again...what a beautiful blog you have here and I'm so glad to be able to see it. I've told lots of people about your story (no names of course...teehee) and it's such an interesting one that so many people wish they had the guts to do! Enjoy and I'll be following your travels...
Mar 7, 2012 by T N
Re:  Wow

Hi, I dont know you, I stumbled across yours while browsing.
Good luck to you both, what a wonderful life you are living.
God bless x
Jan 16, 2007 by deven pabaru
Re:  mahabs..

mama/mami, mongoose,monkeys,madras,mahabalipuram.mahabs inn...mmmm
Jan 14, 2007 by Batu-Rani Dutt
Re:  Idli-Sambar-Yttapam

A close up view of your dishes has inspired us.
QWe are having the same for our Sunday brunch.

Your photos are superb!!

Jan 10, 2007 by donna mccoll
Re:  Hyderabad

Who needs Lonely Planet when my sister is such a observant journalist? Like you I an intriqued by ancient feats of engineering, so the photo of the pipes was particulary interesting, to say nothing of ...  (more...)
Nov 23, 2006 by Barb Moreau
Re:  WOW!!!

I've visited many lovely spots and had many adventures since opening your travel page this morning - thank you so much for sharing your adventure! Back to life in Edmonton now...it's snowing like mad ...  (more...)
Oct 17, 2006 by Donna McColl
Re:  News from home

It snowed today... thought you'd be amused.
Oct 11, 2006 by Donna McColl
Re:  love the albumn

The pictures are delightful, but the narrative realy makes the website a joy to visit- almost like being there with you. The boys appreciated the Jet Li and Jackie Chan stars - they are big fans. ...  (more...)
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