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Oct 27, 2009 by Theresa Magill
Re:  Uncle Tommy.

Aunt Gloria and Uncle Tommy, sorry it's been a while. Glad to see things are still going in the right direction. These are all huge steps.
I hated math so I probably still couldn't do what they are ...  (more...)
Oct 27, 2009 by Maria Hammons
Re:  Uncle Tommy

hi Aunt Gloria - what great news! Uncle Tom's amazing... but then we always knew that didn't we ;-) I was sorry to read about the water problem, and more so, your having to move sites. And I can't ...  (more...)
Oct 26, 2009 by Bob Carey
Re:  Tom


Great news Tom, you rule. I know sometimes progress seems to take along
time to come, but your are proof that it does come. Keep in mine we are not
as young as we use to be. I know the last ...  (more...)
Oct 26, 2009 by The other Colin Stafford
Re:  Trial s and Tribulations.

Gloria I admire your stamina and perserverence in thse adverse times. It sounds like you need a part time helper just to keep up with the schedule.
Niho was here the other day for the musical and ...  (more...)
Oct 26, 2009 by Maria Janow Hammons
Re:  Uncle Tommy

Hi Aunt Gloria ... what a good day! I've watched Cake Boss a couple of times too and think it's a riot -- the family dynamics are a hoot (and perhaps just a little familiar ;-) and the cakes are ...  (more...)
Oct 26, 2009 by Joanne Jump
Re:  Tom's good day !!

HOORAY for Tom today. I am so thrilled to hear he had a wonderful day !!!! Thinking of you both. With love, Joanne
Oct 25, 2009 by David Malmquist
Re:  Hi Tom and Gloria

We have been following Gloria's daily posts, and we continue to pray for Tom's continued recovery and therapy.

Tom, there are a few of us from NTN that want to help both of you out, but we feel so ...  (more...)
Oct 25, 2009 by Barbara Lee Lento - Darnell
Re:  Hello

Hope this finds more progress for Tom in the upcoming days. You are amazing but --- take care of YOU! I have enjoyed reading your journal and can relate to the wonderful places you two have traveled. ...  (more...)
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