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Nov 7, 2009 by Ellen Heyman
Re:  Uncle Tom and the sign

Dear Aunt Glaoria,
What a great sign. I think I must print that out in large letters and put it on my fridge. It is so true and it applies to everything. I might even make a sign, laminate it, and put ...  (more...)
Nov 4, 2009 by Maria Vitrano
Re:  Tom

Way to go, Tom. Waiting for further good news that the 'fuzzy head' is gone. One day at a time. Also happy to hear Owen's trip was a huge success.
Much love,
Nov 4, 2009 by Joanne Jump
Re:  Thinking of u

Tom and Glo, Just a quick note to tell you both I am thinking of you. You both continue to amaze me and I wish there was something i could do for you both. You are in my thoughts and prayers. With ...  (more...)
Nov 2, 2009 by nan Burke
Re:  atta girl!

Good for you Gloria! You're my hero - never getting discouraged - and never showing it to Tom! I'd probably be mad as hell at the hospital about now for not slowly weaning him off whatever meds' ...  (more...)
Nov 1, 2009 by Ellen Heyman
Re:  Uncle Tom

Dear Aunt Gloria,
I have again sat down and read your latest entries. I am so happy that Owen is enjoying his trip. Your sons are really great people. I know you and uncle Tom are so proud of them. It ...  (more...)
Nov 1, 2009 by Tom heyman
Re:  Your Tom

Gloria------ hang in there. i know this will turn around just like i told mary that tom will get his facility with numbers back over time. I wish i could be with you both but i will pray extra hard at ...  (more...)
Oct 31, 2009 by Laurie Brown
Re:  Tom's progress

There are two blogs that I read aloud each day - and yours is one of them. We follow Tom's progress closely, and cheer with each improvement. No IV... YAY. Walking up stairs... YAY! You go, Tom! And 2 ...  (more...)
Oct 31, 2009 by Emilia Behr
Re:  Tom

Hi hon, sorry to hear about all of this, but PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Hugs to you both. Tell Tom we send our love & cannot wait to see him.
love, Em & Al
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