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Sep 23, 2008 by william womack
Re:  Great Trip!!

I've been following you guys all along the way I'm really glad you setup
this journal. Hope all is well and things are good. We are all ok.
Headed north on saturday the wife and I will fish the ...  (more...)
Sep 17, 2008 by Karen DuBois
Re:  Your trip

Wow...Happy "On The Road" anniversary. On one hand it seems like just yesterday when you left. And in my heart it seems like FOREVER since you've been gone. Our lives have not been the same since you ...  (more...)
Sep 9, 2008 by Maria Vitrano
Re:  Moose

So glad to share the 'moose' with you. Maybe like Sarah, you will get a chance to try 'moose stew'... her favorite dinner!
Happy trails,
Sep 5, 2008 by Karen DuBois
Re:  Wow

I do have a pretty large vocabulary but it is hard to describe the beauty in the pictures you are taking. We are talking postcard perfect. It's wonderful to share your day even when it is just telling ...  (more...)
Aug 31, 2008 by Karen DuBois
Re:  Yellowstone pictures

Wow...that's all I can say is WOW! What gorgeous photos. I just cannot imagine how much fun you guys are having and I'm thrilled for you and jealous as all get-out. As much as I miss you, I wouldn't ...  (more...)
Aug 23, 2008 by Bill Womack
Re:  trip

Love the pictures and the writng is Great I'M very happy for you guys
Tom take Glordia to watch old faithful and have a carrot cake muffin!!!
Love the Big Trout "Good Going Tom"!!!!
Time to go to ...  (more...)
Aug 20, 2008 by Maria Vitrano
Re:  journal

hey, I got on tonight. lucky day! Congratulations on that beauty of a fish, Tom and to Gloria, beautiful photography.
Glad you're still enjoying yourselves.
Wedding plans going superbly well.
Kitchen ...  (more...)
Aug 15, 2008 by Rick Miller
Re:  Trip Updates

Hi Tom and Gloria,

Patty and I are jealous with the "wanderers" trip. We're glad your having a great time. Belated Happy Birthdays

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