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Sep 23, 2009 by Colin Stafford
Re:  The Brooklyn Blighter

Sounds like thinga are going in the right direction for the time being.
Jan spoke to Miho yesteday and she talked about you coming "home" to MI.
If you have some concerns about the "bus" getting to ...  (more...)
Sep 22, 2009 by Cary Benitez
Re:  Tom" health

Hi Gloria I am so sorry about Tom I am praying very hard for his fast recovery I hope he is feeling better and he will be up and about very soon.
Thinking of you my best wishes and a fast recovery. ...  (more...)
Sep 22, 2009 by Jim Zyla
Re:  Tom's recovery

I got the link to your journal today, via Julio. I heard about Tom from Johm Marsh, who heard from someone in the MG club. Then I called Bill Womack who filled me in. Anyway, I went over the days ...  (more...)
Sep 22, 2009 by Martin Van Fossan
Re:  Tom

I know Tom as a member of the Challenge Chapter for Trout Unlimited. You are both in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Please tell Tom I am following his recovery all the ...  (more...)
Sep 22, 2009 by Alan Behr
Re:  Tom and you and the family

Dear Gloria, I'm not very good at the written word. What I try to be good at is doing things. If you need something the the 3 Young Burke's can't do, let me know and I'll see if I can't make it ...  (more...)
Sep 22, 2009 by Emilia Behr
Re:  Tom

Got your update with the pictures with the boys. I am positive that they were a big help to you & to Tom, as well.

Things sound like they are moving along well. That was good news.

Seems like "BIG ...  (more...)
Sep 22, 2009 by John Grabowski
Re:  Stuff

It sounds like Tom is making good progress. We will be keeping the two of you in our thoughts as you go through the next couple of weeks of recovery.

I looked at your pictures of the falls in Sioux ...  (more...)
Sep 22, 2009 by Maria Hammons
Re:  Uncle Tommy

I love that Brooklyn wise guy!!!

So glad that he's doing better... and that Spencer, Colin & Owen are with you! love you all!
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