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Nov 25, 2009 by Emilia Behr

We are wishing you a Blessed Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day & Spencer. I know that alone is a blessing. Maria's gift to you sounded great. You deserve it. Hope the next time we all send you & Tom a ...  (more...)
Nov 25, 2009 by Theresa Magill
Re:  Uncle tommy

I am so glad things are going in the right direciton. I can't even imagine how excited both of you are for the next step. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Give Spencer Our love.

Have a safe trip to San ...  (more...)
Nov 24, 2009 by Emilia Behr
Re:  Tom

Just think 3 more days to go to head on out to Texas. Have a great Thanksgiving & enjoy Spencer & his visit. Love to all, Em
Nov 24, 2009 by Vera Greene
Re:  Mon.-11-23-09 journal page

Congrats on all goals reached yesterday! I am thinking positive thoughts of you. Wishing you well in reaching your last goal of boarding that plane for Texas on Friday! Thank you for the Thanksgiving ...  (more...)
Nov 24, 2009 by Miho Arimoto
Re:  Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Mom&Dad,

We are so happy to hear the good news!
Very proud of you, Dad!!

We are heading to Chicago this afternoon. We will be back on Thanksgiving Day. We usually spend our Thanksgiving with ...  (more...)
Nov 24, 2009 by Maria Vitrano
Re:  Thanksgiving

A blessed Thanksgiving to you both and Spencer.
Feast to the fullest on food and love!
Much love,
Nov 23, 2009 by Maria Vitrano
Re:  Tom

Hi Tom,
Thanks for calling back. We were sorry to have missed hearing your voice earlier in the day. You sound excellent, upbeat and ready to go. All the best. A very safe, easy flight to Texas. We'll ...  (more...)
Nov 22, 2009 by maria hammons
Re:  uncle tommy

aunt gloria - we're really sorry about the "bump" ... but confident that once they figure out what caused the change, you'll both figure out how to deal with it and keep moving right along. you're in ...  (more...)
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