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12 Dec 2006 by Margaret Aldridge
Re:  Birthday

Happy Birthday! Despite the fact the your 'day' is almost over this should come up as on the 12th.Sorry the dive didn't work out but hope you have a great time anyway. Miss you loads.
28 Nov 2006 by Margaret Aldridge
Re:  Humpbacked whales and platypuses

It must have been wonderful to see the whales especially in the classic pose with tail in air. Even though you haven't seen the platypus in the wild it must be incredible - I have only seen a stuffed ...  (more...)
25 Oct 2006 by Ashleigh Smash
Re:  The Green Eyed Monster

I am soooooo jealous right now! What your doing sound so great and makes me want to give up my job, take my money and run!! I'm still doing the same boring stuff day in day out, although i get paid on ...  (more...)
17 Sep 2006 by Hannah White
Re:  Everything!

Hello! I'm going to email you anyway, but thought I'd leave you something for your guest books a)just in case you don't automatically check your emails and b)so I have something on the guest book to ...  (more...)
15 Sep 2006 by Margaret Aldridge
Re:  Buffy Owl

Trust you to go right across the world and still find something you can relate to THAT program!
15 Sep 2006 by Richie Mannering
Re:  So Jealous!

Sorry bout the blank message. That was not a... " i am so jealous that i am going to ignore you and completely blank you" it was more if a "i am so jealous that i am accidentally going to press the ...  (more...)
14 Sep 2006 by Andrew Lisgarten
Re:  i want to be first

:) i think i'm the first one to sign the guest book, its great to hear u got there all okay's n i very impressed at the length of each entry, u wait by a week or two time they will be just a short ...  (more...)
14 Sep 2006 by kel liu
Re:  nice itinerary!!!

hey nice to see things are going ok!! just had a glimpse of your plans ahead...seems gooooood!!! a little tour around asia and the pacific!! nice!!! either way, keep in contact, dont wanna lose you ...  (more...)
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