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Sep 25, 2009 by Lester Young
Re:  best wishes

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Burke,

I'm so glad that Mr. Burke is doing well and in recovery. Just know that my family and I are thinking of you guys. We wish you all the best. Please let me know if there's ...  (more...)
Sep 25, 2009 by Cara Penoza
Re:  PS

My Dad and Mr. and Mrs. Penoza ask for updates daily and are also thinking of you!
Sep 25, 2009 by Cara Penoza
Re:  Thank you for your Updates!

Hi Mrs. Burke -
We have been getting daily reports from Owen on Mr. Burke, and we're glad to have your blog to keep us updated when he leaves. We're so happy that things seem to be heading in the ...  (more...)
Sep 24, 2009 by Lauren Vitrano-Wilson
Re:  We are praying for you!

Hi Aunt Gloria, Uncle Tom, Spencer, Colin and Owen,

Hello! We just want you to know that we have been thinking about all of you, will keep reading your journal entries and praying for each of you to ...  (more...)
Sep 24, 2009 by Nancy Spence
Re:  Tom's stroke

Gloria...how wonderful your updates on Tom's stroke are. Julio Mazzoli sent an e-mail telling us all the sad news. Please tell Tom how sorry I am and that I hope he heals well and quickly. Also, tell ...  (more...)
Sep 24, 2009 by Dorothy & Ruth Haddock
Re:  Tom

Hello Gloria, we were sadden to hear the news. We have you both in our thoughts and prayers. We wish you all the best and hope that Tom will be back in the RV with you soon. The dental visits aren't ...  (more...)
Sep 23, 2009 by Theresa Magill
Re:  Uncle Tom

I am glad things are going as good as can be expected. I am sure you all have a long road ahead. Be patient and strong. I'm glad Owen can stay with you a little while longer for support. Our thought, ...  (more...)
Sep 23, 2009 by Bob Carey
Re:  Cards

Glad to here Tom is doing much better. A quick question for you. Do you
think Tom would enjoy some cards,I know phone calls would be out of the
question at this time(maybe at a later date) ...  (more...)
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