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Oct 5, 2009 by Emilia Behr
Re:  Tom's Day

Hi hon, so sorry to hear of Tom's bad day. Just hope he will be able to have a good nights sleep & have a better day tomorrow. Great wash, Gloria, when that happens to me, it is mostly tissues I find ...  (more...)
Oct 3, 2009 by Emilia Behr
Re:  Tom

Hi hon, well another banner day & yes even though they are baby steps, they are still good steps. So glad to hear he is eating better. Better food always helps. Gloria try to rest whenever you can, ...  (more...)
Oct 3, 2009 by Patrick Gossman
Re:  Great progress!

I am so grateful for your postings and to follow along as Tom moves forward. It is amazing what the brain can do, having healthy portions take on new tasks, and they do. It is slow, and as you note ...  (more...)
Oct 3, 2009 by Maria Vitrano
Re:  Tom

We too, hope all the future days as as good for you both.
Oct 3, 2009 by Sharon Ketola
Re:  Tom

Hi Gloria

I have been thinking of you and Tom and I have you in my prayers daily. I know Tom is going to be OK!!! Keep a good thought. I hope you remember me you know the one who took over your days ...  (more...)
Oct 2, 2009 by Theresa Magill
Re:  Uncle Tommy

Aunt Gloria and Uncle Tommy,
Good morning. As small as these steps seem they are huge strides. Not there is any comparison, but I know how hard it was to get up and do therapy after my back surger. ...  (more...)
Oct 2, 2009 by maria vitrano vitrano
Re:  Tom's rehab

A baby step for Tom, a giant step for those who love him. We'll be praying for you Tom, each and every day.
All the best,
Maria & Vito
Oct 2, 2009 by Laurie & Guy Albert-Williams
Re:  Thinking of you

Gloria & Tom,
We just heard about what happened to Tom. We are so sorry, we know how powereful the prayers and positive thoughts of others can help in the healing process. We are thinking of you both. ...  (more...)
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