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Oct 13, 2009 by Bob Carey
Re:  Tom


Gloria when it rains it pours,but I know you will will get it worked out.
Glad Tom is making such great headway. Sounds like you will get that weight
back on him in no time. Tom tell the ...  (more...)
Oct 13, 2009 by maria vitrano
Re:  starch

It was devastating to hear about the RV problems. Glad Colin is there to share some of the frustration.
Gloria, if there's a microwave handy, buy some potatoes and lather them with low fat sour ...  (more...)
Oct 12, 2009 by Theresa Magill
Re:  Uncle Tommy

Aunt Gloria, I am glad Uncle Tommy got some rest and a shower. I'm sure as you say he needed it to get ready for another week. Glad Colin is coming for a bit. It will be good for you to have some ...  (more...)
Oct 11, 2009 by Bob Carey
Re:  Tom


A shower sounds nice, I bet it was nice for everyone else that had to
be around you. Just kidding Tom. So happy to hear how well you are doing.
Have they given you any forecast how long ...  (more...)
Oct 11, 2009 by Maria Vitrano
Re:  shower

what a blessing! now he's nice and refreshed for his day off!
Think of you always with much love and many prayers.
Oct 10, 2009 by Bob Carey
Re:  Tom


Things all sounding sooo good. Tom I know the work will be hard,but keep
on trucking. Gloria try to stay warm, I see from the weather reports you
may have some snow.
Again Tom keep it ...  (more...)
Oct 10, 2009 by Maria Vitrano
Re:  effort

Nice work, Tom. One day at a time..and to Gloria, drive carefully, especially if it snows.
Oct 10, 2009 by Maria Hammons
Re:  Uncle Tommy

Aunt Gloria - it's so good to hear the day by day progress. I can only imagine how exhausted Uncle Tom must feel sometime... and you too... but I know how strong the two of you are - especially as a ...  (more...)
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