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Oct 20, 2009 by Emillia Behr
Re:  Tom

HI, so so happy to hear the good news. What a day!!!! Tom doing great & Gloria getting the RV fixed. So glad that Big "O" will be driving the RV to Texas. Gee, Al was all set to take a nice ride. ha ...  (more...)
Oct 20, 2009 by Nan Burke
Re:  Owen

OH good boy Owen!!! What a great load off your mind to know he'll drive the RV to Texas for you! Every once in awhile kids pay great dividends on your investment, don't they?? And Tom's certainly ...  (more...)
Oct 19, 2009 by Kent Triffon
Re:  Tom

Hello Gloria,

I have worked with Tom at NTN for many years. He is a wonderful person and a good friend. I am gut wrenched to learn of his situation, but elated at his progress. My thoughts and ...  (more...)
Oct 19, 2009 by Bob Carey
Re:  Hospital stay


Great news that you are making such headway. Hey Tom when they said 6 to 8
weeks are they saying 6 to 8 more weeks, or 6 to 8 weeks total. I check up
on you everyday. Gloria you are doing ...  (more...)
Oct 19, 2009 by Theresa Magill
Re:  Uncle Tommy

Glad things are going in the right direction. One day and one step at a time. Hope things work out with the RV tomorrow.

Let me know when I can send the fruit basket.
Love to all.
Theresa, Larry, ...  (more...)
Oct 18, 2009 by Nan Burke
Re:  great news a/b Tom!

Hi pal! Got in late Wed. 10PM from California - and just now finished all your journal entries - wow! Sounds like Tom has made great progress in only one month! You both should be very proud of ...  (more...)
Oct 18, 2009 by Emilia B ehr
Re:  Tom

Boy, getting up & reading your journal was great news this morning. He is doing so well for all he went thru. A month.... boy, that is a long time, but closer to the time when he is released. Please ...  (more...)
Oct 18, 2009 by Maria Hammons
Re:  Uncle Tommy

sweet rest... sweet dreams... to you both! hugs! Maria & Danny
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