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May 13, 2005 by Doug Berrie
Re:  Travels

Phil, very entertained reading your journal. Your cultural exploits are "buddy" marvellous.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it now - is to explain the Liberal Democrats to the North ...  (more...)
May 13, 2005 by Deborah Driver
Re:  Your trip

I can't think of anything witty, so I am just being honest. I am extremely envious, all but the dirty sleeping area. It's Friday afternoon in IAS you know what its like, I want to go home to my bottle ...  (more...)
May 12, 2005 by Helen Wakely
Re:  And then there were two ...

Cor! This is good - didn't know technology could be so much fun, beats supplychain systems any day! Has Sam now managed to track you down? I hear she was feeding the old dears to bribe them into ...  (more...)
May 12, 2005 by stephen thomas
Re:  a certain mr wakely

Slow down, your positively whizzin' around them there states. Wondered if you'd seen any evidence of 'climate change' on yr travels - what with dubbya's US of A being one of the boldest (ab)users of ...  (more...)
May 12, 2005 by Mike Hodges
Re:  Sheepless too

"In Seattle public Library running out of time on the free internet, so will complete this later."
was all that I had read before posting my previous evaluation of your exploits. My review may have ...  (more...)
May 12, 2005 by Mike Hodges
Re:  Sheepless in Seattle

Simply scinterlating, keep up the good work.
May 12, 2005 by sal williams
Re:  whatever

what the flip does this mean you right on hippy traveller type????/
ATB, UTC, SaF,smf!
will call sam later (thurs today)
going to read your journal next
enjoy fiji
mike in recovery, foetal position, ...  (more...)
May 12, 2005 by Stuart Pugsley
Re:  Morning!

Alrighty Mr. Wakely,

Alice kindly forwarded on you circular email. You are indeed a difficult man to get hold of Wakely. Travelling to the US will not help you escape my messages, you can run but you ...  (more...)
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