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Jan 26, 2008 by Maggi Bate
Re:  Your wonderful journal

Really enjoying your descriptions. I applaud you typing with 'nails' on, well done. I gather Nikki is quite fluent with her manadarin? It is quite weird being amongst others and having to keep your ...  (more...)
Jan 26, 2008 by Carolyn Daley
Re:  Wedding

Thanks again for those updates. I am not one of the ones who sent good wishes or bithday wishes to you, please forgive me. So here they belated as all hell. I didn't realise the wedding was so soon. ...  (more...)
Jan 25, 2008 by fiona kropp
Re:  upates

Wow!! You certainly are givig us an interesting run down on your days. It is on so different but I suppose has happened the way Nicole explained in the first place. Keep up th journal but I suppose ...  (more...)
Jan 24, 2008 by cheryl sweetenham
Re:  Your Journal

Hey, where's my copy? I got to read your entries through Carol, but I haven't received anything from you as yet. Did you remember to approve me?
Anyway, it's great to read your daily exploits. Should ...  (more...)
Jan 24, 2008 by Tracy Morison
Re:  departure

Hey Megan, Sounds like you are starting to relax a little. I have to say I had a giggle at your passport debacle. I thought to myself," If anyone were to lose their passport, only to find it again in ...  (more...)
Jan 23, 2008 by Lyn Makkai
Re:  journals

Love reading your journals, Megan! I have been anxiously waiting for the latest updates so thank you for the last ones. I loved the food when we were over there so become brave and give it a go!!! I ...  (more...)
Jan 23, 2008 by Kat Giles
Re:  birthday

Harrlow luv. Sent you a txt for your bday yesterday then realised I didn't know if your phone was on roaming or not. Hope you had a great day, am enjoying the journal entries! Mars xo
Jan 23, 2008 by Margie Richardson
Re:  Happy Birthday

Hope you had a great day and a few vodka cruisers eh!!
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