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9 Apr 2007 by Natasha Aldridge
Re:  Life back home


Thought i'd leave a message as can't remember if I've left any before! I'm extremely jealous of everything that you are getting to do and see. But like i've said before I couldn't go on my own I ...  (more...)
11 Mar 2007 by Leanne Lake
Re:  Missing You!

Hiya Robyn! I havnt forgotten about your guestbook! Been checking my emails on a regular basis and its great to here (and now see via your pics) how much fun youve been having! Cannot believe its been ...  (more...)
15 Jan 2007 by Heidi Goodsell-Martinez
Re:  Hey!!

Just thought I'd let you know I am thinking of you. Are you still going to visit South America or is it straight to Camp America when you are on this side of the globe? If you need a place to stay for ...  (more...)
8 Jan 2007 by Hannah White
Re:  Nothing much...


Sorry I haven't written much on your notice board. As it is, I don't have much to tell you. I'm slowly going mad, trying to fit in preparations for Ofsted next week, Grandma's funeral this ...  (more...)
30 Dec 2006 by Leanne Lake
Re:  Neighbours

Hey Rob, cant believe youve been to Ramsey Street! Can u let me know what going to happen in the future?!! Ta Lea xxxxxx
25 Dec 2006 by Margaret Aldridge
Re:  Merry Christmas

Just to say Merry Christmas although it's been an odd one with us in Madeira and you on the other side of the world. Love you lots.
19 Dec 2006 by kel liu
Re:  wombats...

please, please, please can you get a pic of a wombat crossing sign and send it to me? im curious now....
15 Dec 2006 by Elizabeth Cuzen
Re:  To my dear Friend

Just a message to say i love you and miss you sweetie.
Keep writing me emails so i can dream of travelling and all the fun i would be having ,not in Basildon Hospital in the cold and dark office that ...  (more...)
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