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Jul 5, 2005 by Rhi Bop A Loo La
Re:  Whether I'm glad I came to the party

Fuck me Pip, this wheeze is working like a dream. Am I still the only one who knows you never actually left Kimberley Road? I can picture you now, sitting at the computer, wearing Burberry joggers and ...  (more...)
Jun 18, 2005 by steve carlin
Re:  Good to hear from you...

Hello Phil! Steve in Chicago here. I tried the e-mail address you gave me but was unsucessful in my attempts. Probably due to the alcoholic fog I found myself in that evening. At any rate, glad to ...  (more...)
Jun 10, 2005 by Stan Stammers
Re:  ...

Allright Phil, enjoying your travels without the hassle.
You know I print these off and send them to my publisher don't you ( i'm writing a travel book!)
May 26, 2005 by Stuart Dawson
Re:  General

Go Girl!
May 24, 2005 by Helen Big Sister
Re:  You've left your diary in San Francisco

Well, not quite true because it made it to Seattle, but it's lagging behind. How can I present a sanitised version to the Old Dears if I haven't heard the real thing?

Travels of my own planned on ...  (more...)
May 15, 2005 by Derek Hall
Re:  Taff on tour

Yo Flip,

greetings from Gelli Deg.. Not very romantic surroundings I know but I'm working on it.. One more week in work followed by two more weeks of frantic scrambling and then we're off!!

Your ...  (more...)
May 15, 2005 by Manse Don't need a last name
Re:  Hey Phil

Hi there matey boy. Long time no see/hear. Great to hear from you. Being so out of this the start of your travels, or is there a pre-
Chicago leg of the world tour of which I am entirely ...  (more...)
May 15, 2005 by hazel symonds
Re:  your trip so far!

HIYA Phil,
great keeping an eye on all your adventures
looking at your itinery the day you'll arrive in melbourne is the same day we embarke on our exciting travels in Clwb Joker... our Red VW Westy ...  (more...)
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