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Apr 13, 2010 by Bob Carey
Re:  Hang in


Sorry I have not touched bases with you sooner. I know these are hard times but you are a trooper and will make peace with this in time.
That is so nice that Owen is close by now, he is ...  (more...)
Feb 21, 2010 by Laurie Brown
Re:  Your departure from Kerrville

Brave friend, this departure could be a very difficult one, for sure. My hope for you: as you and Owen roll along I-10, seeing the new sights, you'll feel Tom's sense of adventure draw near, and ...  (more...)
Jan 6, 2010 by Maria Janow Hammons
Re:  heartbreak...

my dear aunt gloria... i can't stop thinking about you, uncle tommy, spencer, colin, and owen. mom called early this morning and you've been on my mind all day. then al called this evening after he ...  (more...)
Nov 28, 2009 by Colette Clark
Re:  Tom

Dear Gloria,
Just a quick note because we are on our way out the door, but I just caught up on your journal for the last 4 days. Keep your chin up....we are going to pray, pray, pray for Tom, you and ...  (more...)
Nov 28, 2009 by Cary Benitez
Re:  Hello

Dear Gloria stay stronge and keep praying I know Tom will reocupare soon. I will keep my prayers for Tom and you. Love Cary
Nov 27, 2009 by Diane Omeara
Re:  Thanksgiving

Hi Gloria,

Tom can't help but get better with such a wonderful positive person like you to share his life with. Your ability to really know what counts in life is truly inspirational. I hope I don't ...  (more...)
Nov 27, 2009 by Maria Hammons
Re:  Uncle Tom

Dear Aunt Gloria - we were so sad to hear about Uncle Tommy's seizure. I can only imagine your disappointment - especially as you were counting the days until leaving for Texas - let alone you're ...  (more...)
Nov 27, 2009 by maria vitrano
Re:  tom

I pray that you all, somehow, got some rest and that today, Thanksgiving, found Tom much, much better. I look forward to speaking with you again, Gloria. I wanted to call tonight, but Mom was near me ...  (more...)
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