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Jul 31, 2007 by Francene Powell
Re:  Road trip from heaven

Thank you, thank you, for letting me come along with you and Larry even if only in the written word. I have a vivid imagination, I laughed with you, and worried about the RV's repairs, good thing your ...  (more...)
Jul 24, 2007 by Bill & Mary Bryan
Re:  Your Journey

We just wanted to thank you for including us as recipients of your journal. We thoroughly enjoyed reading ALL of your adventures and can't wait to see the pictures. We are very happy to know that you ...  (more...)
Jul 24, 2007 by Don & Nancy Ireland
Re:  Your Alaskan Adventure

Hey Charlie, its been a pleasure checking in on you as you have made your way through your adventure! The pictures have been beautiful, and your daily entries have been delightful. Thanks for ...  (more...)
Jul 17, 2007 by Mike King
Re:  your trip

Cant wait to do the same. looks like fun.
Jul 16, 2007 by Brigitta Rabold
Re:  Love to see you both on your way back, if you have a stop in Vancouver/Coquitlam, BC

Thanks for your lovely message Charles! I enjoy your daily notes and wish you both as always a most wonderful time in this great adventure.

Big hugs, Brigitta
Jul 16, 2007 by Brigitta Rabold
Re:  Another beautiful day in the Northern Paradise

I love your messages, keep up the wonderful work. Thank YOU Charles, it is so great to be with you and Larry on your trip, miss the repairs and know that you both are fine.

Big hugs from BC
Jul 13, 2007 by Lawrence Robertson
Re:  Bridge

That must be the longest bridge in the world. I am referring the route between points No.1 and No.2. I guess Larry is a sailor at heart and needed to go part way by water.

You should write a book.
...  (more...)
Jul 13, 2007 by Lawrence Robertson
Re:  The Alaskan Saga

You guys are having more fun than any two kids should be allowed to have. The Jeep and the RV could have treated you a little kinder, but you seem to be getting by, but you aren't "HOME FREE". That is ...  (more...)
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