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Aug 29, 2012 by Holly Legeas
Re:  TD

Hi there!
Not sure if you remember me, but I was one of the managers at Riverbend TD and we ran into each other again at Whyte Avenue branch. I lost your website address (grrr!) and recently found it ...  (more...)
Mar 7, 2012 by T N
Re:  Wow

Hi, I dont know you, I stumbled across yours while browsing.
Good luck to you both, what a wonderful life you are living.
God bless x
Jan 16, 2007 by deven pabaru
Re:  mahabs..

mama/mami, mongoose,monkeys,madras,mahabalipuram.mahabs inn...mmmm
Jan 14, 2007 by Batu-Rani Dutt
Re:  Idli-Sambar-Yttapam

A close up view of your dishes has inspired us.
QWe are having the same for our Sunday brunch.

Your photos are superb!!

Jan 10, 2007 by donna mccoll
Re:  Hyderabad

Who needs Lonely Planet when my sister is such a observant journalist? Like you I an intriqued by ancient feats of engineering, so the photo of the pipes was particulary interesting, to say nothing of ...  (more...)
Nov 23, 2006 by Barb Moreau
Re:  WOW!!!

I've visited many lovely spots and had many adventures since opening your travel page this morning - thank you so much for sharing your adventure! Back to life in Edmonton now...it's snowing like mad ...  (more...)
Oct 17, 2006 by Donna McColl
Re:  News from home

It snowed today... thought you'd be amused.
Oct 11, 2006 by Donna McColl
Re:  love the albumn

The pictures are delightful, but the narrative realy makes the website a joy to visit- almost like being there with you. The boys appreciated the Jet Li and Jackie Chan stars - they are big fans. ...  (more...)
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