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MARS 7 Expedition

Welcome to our travel website!

Marie, Angela and Ray's 2007 (MARS 7) Expedition to Europe is the subject of this website and we hope you enjoy our journals and pictures. This homepage gives you an overview of the whole trip and we will use journals to provide a bit more detail as the journey unfolds.

In brief, we will travel to Italy first, for a few days in Rome then go on to Venice for another three. Two days exploring the Rhine rounds out the Continental phase, then it's on to Ireland, which features two mini-tours in the South West and North, interspersed with family visits. Finally, a couple of days in England to catch up with some more family and then back home. Doesn't sound much when put so concisely, but we are looking forward to a great time all the same!

Perhaps you will be inspired to visit some of the great places on our itinerary. Several of them are 'first time' for us and we are pretty excited about being there! So come on in and share our journey - it will be nearly as good as having you with us! See you inside.

Marie, Angela and Ray

 Map:  Western Europe 
At Home

 Trip Journals 
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MARS 7 Expedition

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