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Welcome to our trip journal for 2016. It started out a little bumpy but we still did our January/February Arizona loop.

We went north through Oregon & Washington, east through Idaho and Montana, then into new territory to add states to our travel map. We visited North Dakota and Minnesota, then headed south through Iowa into Missouri, Illinois & Ohio. While in South-Eastern Missouri, we did take a day trip into Arkansas and added that state to our map also. We have finally visited all 50 states.

We have visited friends and family, seen Bison in a National Park, deer in campgrounds, "Pokemon Go" hunters, been chased for months by thunderstorms that distressed our little Shih Tzu, Daisy, unmercifully. We have seen so many corn and soy fields, and the ethanol plants that utilize those produce.

After enjoying the Mississippi River area we went up to the suburbs of Chicago, then down towards Racine, OH before heading up thru WV to Pennsylvania, then headed south east to Myrtle Beach & Charleston. We headed west to visit friends & cousins in Huntsville (visited Nashville) and northern Mississippi.

After that we were pretty much in the going "home" mode and ended up in Silent Valley Campground in Banning, CA. before attending Cheryl's 50 high school reunion in So Cal.

It has been so interesting to follow along several of the large Rivers of America that made up the early transportation and shipping routes. We followed the trail of Lewis & Clark (backwards) and saw where the Civil War started. It's been an awesome summer of traveling and visiting.

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Nashville, TN
Visiting a Mississippi...
West to Arkansas
AR to Oklahoma
Tucumcari, NM
Past Albuquerque to...
Sedona, here we come
Hiking views of Sedona
Colorado River
Banning, California
October in CA
Pius X High School...
November in CA
December in CA
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