Ken and Liz on a bike travel blog

Ken and Liz on a bike

Welcome to our adventure! Our route will take us a loong way! Please join us periodically. We will update with text and -we hope!- photos on a regular basis, and will try to share with you some of our experiences.
Stay tuned!!

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Starting out
May 19, Cesenatico
From the Ligurian coast
From Provence - Laragne-Monteglin
Luneville, France
Still in Luneville - slightly confused
Made it to Holland!
Taking a break in Schleswig
We are in Sweden
Greetings from Norway!
Northern Extremes
We are in Scotland (English spoken here)
There's light at the end of a rainy...
closing the circle
End of the road and a few apologies
Dec 2/04
Our Map
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