Kasper's trip Down Undah (for 'school') travel blog

Kasper's trip Down Undah (for "school")

Kasper travel blog
Welcome to my trip page. I don't know how interesting it'll be, overall, but I'll do my best to entertain the masses of visitors my site is sure to draw. Be patient while pages load, as I expect 10's and 10's of visitors over the next few months.

My phone number: 61 7 5456 0512 (I think you have to prefix with 10, or maybe 011, if dialing from the US, anyone know for sure?)

Click at the right to leave me a message telling me how jealous you are. Please let me know if you wanted the update notices and you're not getting them, or if you're getting them and you don't want to. Click on journal entry dates below for stories and pictures. The map below will document where in the world I am/was. Come back anytime...

Gmail is expanding, leave me a message if you want an invitation (trust me, you do) --->

I found a reasonable international calling card; if anyone's interested in getting it to call me or anyone else, I'll get you the info. It's only about 9 cents a minute from the US to Australia, with no connection fee. If you know of something better, please let me know.
World-Pacific map

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