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Jerry and Lindsay 2012

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WELCOME to Chapter Four . . .

This past June marked the beginning of our third year of life on the road. We are still loving it and having so much fun seeing and exploring this wonderful country we feel fortunate to call home!

During this past year we revisited more than forty of our friends all around the States. We’ve made several new friends and are already making plans to see them again on down the road. Our travel companion, Zookie, continues to knock off the states in her travelogue and this year added another sixteen states bringing her total up to forty visited since we began full-timing in June, 2009.

We have some fun plans for 2012 on our itinerary; however, part of this fun is keeping the flexibility to adjust to changes and events as they occur. We managed to visit twenty national parks/monuments/
seashores this past year and are hopeful to top that number this coming year with many already on our scope. When we first started full-timing our goal was to visit all the national parks/monuments, etc., in the country; we have managed to see 96 to-date, so just a little under 300 to go!!!!

For those of you new to our webpage, please refer to the previous year’s posting to get a better explanation of how to follow our travels, how to communicate with us, and how to receive individual updates as they are posted. And, to do this merely click on the down arrow in the upper right hand portion of this page and the other years will "pop up" to allow you to explore them too! We love hearing from all of you and many of you have provided some insights of places to see we would never have known about had you not taken the time to share it with us; we thank you.

Once again, starting off our New Year’s travels from Texas heading westward ho!

Jerry, Lindsay and Zookie

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