The Webbs' Round the World Journey travel blog

The Webbs' Round the World Journey

Jonathan & Andrea travel blog
Hi everyone!

Welcome to our round the world travel journal! We are very excited about our trip and it seems as if we have been planning it for ages! We will be using this journal to keep our friends and family aware of our movements and experiences so please check back regularly for updates.

Finally, our itinerary will also be posted and updated regularly for all of you out there who PROMISED to meet up with us somewhere along the way!

We can be reached at and we look forward to hearing from you!

Lots of love,
Andrea & Jonathan

"Live as if to die tomorrow. Learn as if to live forever" - Ghandi
World-Europe map

Order: oldest at top ( reverse )

TAHITI - Bora Bora
Easter Island - Rapa Nui
ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires
The Spanish Class
Emulating Porteños
Wedding Preparations
The Wedding
And the rest of the...
Adios and haste luego...
PERU - Cusco & the...
PERU - Machu Picchu
PERU - Puno
BOLIVIA - Copacabana
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