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WW1 & WW2 French Trip

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This time I am off to France to visit the World War One & Two sites. Viv has decided to give this one a miss so my friend Roger is coming with me in the Motorhome. He has volunteered to do the cooking(?) while I do the driving. A good idea as I can’t cook.

We will be driving down to the Normandy coast after we take the ferry across from Dover to Calais. We’ll spend a few days there to explore the WW2 invasion landing sites before heading West to the WW1 sites in the Somme area. After that we head North to the Flanders area in Belgium.

Our final visit will be to the Menin Memorial in Ypres to experience the sunset ceremony that is held there every evening. I hope you enjoy any photos, it should be quite an experience. We should not forget those terrible times.

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Off To Calais
The Road To Normandy
Biking To Ouisterham
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Across To The Somme
Thiepval & Beaumont Hamel
North To Arras
North To The Flanders...
Going Home
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