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Frenchie and Foys travel fun!!

French n Foy! travel blog
Hi kids! So i'm off travelling trying to be all independent and stuff, thought it was about time at 21! Mr French and I will be sharing the website, not entirely sure how it will work but myeh im sure we'll find a way =D. Anyway this website is for us to dump photos, parents to track us (so much for independence lol) and friends to laugh at us probably desperately trying not to kill each other hehe.

Miss you guys and post us a message now and then! Muchos Love =D Steph xxxx

Bonjourno ppl- was goin to add something to what Steph has said but as usual she has said pretty much everything....keep checking this as sure we will update fairly regularly with pics of hot places and hot ppl. Leave on Thurs so supposed to be gettin nervous but as most of you know i don't ever really get too nervous so just happy that in a week i'll be on a beach somewhere! Frenchie xx
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