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Diving into the Unknown and Unknowable

UPDATE 5-6-19:

Humans Are Doing It!

OK...if you read only one book in the next 6 months:
READ The Fifth Risk


I don't know how to communicate with all of you on the same level or in a way in which I can emphasize the urgency I feel without alienating some of you but I will attempt this nonetheless. During the past 15+ years Bon and I have travelled alot as you know. I have been searching to discover what makes life and Earth the wonder that it is to me. If you have a spiritual or religious or scientific background/point of view your perspective may color much of what I am saying with these ideas in mind. I have found that the energy, the force, the unifying principle, what brings together all I have 'learned' and makes most sense for me is the concept of "life"! This may sound strange, even trite to some but I think about what constitutes life in all it's forms and then through our spiritual/religious/scientific eyes if I add the perhaps mundane concept of "love", I have come to understand what to me makes this Earthship so unique.
Everywhere we have been this most basic of principles has shown through. Life, even in it's most primitive form, has an aspect of love or beauty, or grace, or however you wish to label that quality which is somehow magical. There is no doubt in my mind that scientists are searching for that unifying "meaning" which gives our existence, the Earth's presence in the Universe a uniqueness and yet, also an apartness, part of the whole. Physics is just as much about finding this as any of the many teachings of prophets who have populated our species in the past.
My purpose for writing this is to attempt what I believe has already been spelled out and accomplished through the following video:
Most Important Video You'll Ever Watch


NYT Q & A on Climate

To most of those who are scientifically minded, mathematics is the most universal language our species has come up with. To those who are more spiritually or religiously inclined I believe this video also has a message. This is not about saving the human species alone! This is about how the "God-life-love" force, what genetics might call the "code" of living matter unites us all. No one of us has the intellect or knowledge or understanding of what is 'happening' now or has in the past or will in the future...this is clear. What we do have, and the internet has brought this out all too clearly, is a body of knowledge and understanding and perspective which now is potentially available to all of the human species...for good or for evil. But it is just as clear that the unifying force which all of our species possesses is potentially going to either destroy itself or, in some concerted action, save itself. This IS the universal brotherhood of infinite and all giving existence or to the religious/spiritual, this is the God in us. We can continue on our individualistic paths and destroy this uniqueness on Earth or we can 'save' this creation but only through united actions. I know some believe that an 'outside" force is coming and if you believe this you remain outside what is truly unique about our species. You have not understood what the prophets have attempted to communicate! Do not let false prophets lead you down this "individualistic" path. Watch the video and if it communicates/resonates with your life, please, please forward it to as many others as you can.

This was our journey but hopefully, now it will become a journey for all of the "life-force" on our planet. Thank you for traveling this far with us. We love you all and wish you the very best for whatever path you have chosen.

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