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My Journey around the World

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Welcome to my trip journal!
As you all know I am leaving Feb 1st 2009 on my Around the World trip. I will be in South Africa for one month stopping first in Cape Town and working my way up to Johannesburg. From there I will fly to the Seychelles Islands and stay for two weeks. These islands are named the most beautiful beaches in the world. I can’t wait! Then leaving tropical paradise to fly onto Kenya where I will be volunteering with Touch Humanity for a month. Here I will be working with orphans, farming, building and wherever else I'm needed. I am lucky enough to also take a safari to see the wildlife and visit the local tribes while I’m there. Cairo Egypt is next on the list where I will be staying for one week to visit the pyramids. Last stop in Africa will be Morocco where I will visit for a short while and take a boat to Spain, which will then start my Europe adventure. I don’t have an itinerary for Europe except in June where my mom will come visit me in Italy along with one of her friends and hopefully my best friend Ashley. It will be nice to see familiar faces. I will work my way up through Europe to visit Ireland to see where my ancestors came from. If I'm not flat broke my journey will continue to Thailand, Australia (where I have family) and New Zealand.

For those who know me well know that I am always telling stories of some situation I have gotten myself into. I assure you this trip journal will be full of stories about me getting myself into some kind of predicament whether it is funny, weird, unbelievable or a close call. I will try to update as much as possible. You are welcome to e-mail me as well at

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May 11/09
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Portugal here I come
Spain here I come
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What an experience
Just like on National...
Now this really is...
Exploring Mahe
I'm now a certified...
I made it to PARADISE!!
SA adventure comes to an...
My nightmare coming true
The Xhosa tribe
Hanging with the fairies
Best hostel yet
Time to relax
Happy Valentines Day!
Awesome day!
Wilderness Stop
First week in Cape Town
I'm here!!
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