JZ's Journey to South Asia 2011 travel blog

JZ's Journey to South Asia 2011

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Welcome to my trip journal! It's that time for my annual trip out of the country to experience the beauty and culture of South Asia: Nepal, Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. I am ready to see the beautiful colors of the lands, interact and meet the locals that make each country whole, taste the spices and food of each country (crossing my fingers for no need to use my Cipro), hear the chaos and peacefulness of the lands, but I may not be ready for the smells of the cities that I have been warned!! A packed schedule awaits me with the ritual of a small volunteer jaunt this time in an orphanage in Nepal, deep spiritual immersion, a safari, hiking (hopefully better experiences than those of the hellish Rwanda hike!), sights of the Wonder of the World, and relaxing and sailing the atolls of Maldives. And, this time I start the journey solo and then end my travels with a new sidekick....my travel guru friend, Mel.

Initially I was not going to write this blog, but after many of you contacted me and asked me about my trip blog I decided to do it again. One friend eluded that I make my own "Eat, Pray, Love" version....not sure about that one, but I do know that I will try my best to keep you amused along the way. It will be a very packed schedule and I am ready for the adventure....are you?!?

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The numbered squares connected by green lines show where I have been and correspond to the numbers just to the left of the dated entries. Click on any date to view the pictures and read about that day's adventures.

Also, watch my itinerary in the itinerary tab to see what I am planning to do and where I plan to do it.

The countdown begins...the eagle launches on November 11th! Thanks for all of your support!!
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11-21-11 Nepal to Bhutan
11-22 Tigers Nest
11-23-11  3 countries...
11-24-11 travel day:...
11-25-11  travel Day...
11-26-11 boarding the...
11-27-11 Sailing...
11-28-11 Day 3 of sailing
11-29-11 Sailing...
11-30-11 day Five...
12-1-11 Last Day aboard...
12-2-11 Back to...
12-3-11 -The trip back...
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