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Bruce and Li's Wanderings

Welcome to our travel website. Here's where Liana will be writing about our various adventures so that family and friends will know where we are and what we're doing and maybe there'll be bits of useful information for people who are planning to visit the countries we are in. The green lines on the map below show some of our travels (the ones I`ve written about, that is).

You'll see that many of our trips include bicycle touring. One of us is a really avid - no, make that 'obsessed' - cyclist. The other one (and it will become abundantly clear who that is) is basically just along for the ride, so to speak, but usually manages to have a good time - once the idea of being back in the saddle again is inevitable. It will also become obvious which one of us likes to put her feet down and stay awhile in places she likes, rather than quickly moving on to see what`s around the next corner! Happily, a compromise can often be found.

By the way, this is a terrific website for emailing us when we`re on the road - it often works better than our regular e-mail. Do write to us here when we`re away - we love to hear from family and friends!

We hope you'll enjoy our pictures and my ramblings.
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Traveling in Other, United Kingdom
UK Midlands Canal Boating and Tenerife, Canary Islands 

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UK Midlands Canal Boating and Tenerife, Canary Islands
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Cycling Provence - May & June 2008
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