Where in the world are our parents? travel blog

Where in the world are our parents?

Joanne travel blog
Hey Howdy Hey :) Dad made me do this, (says."it will be fun":) ) We did have a good time naming our URL :) I couldn't speak for laughing and dad giggled until he got tears! Guess what dad wanted? Yep, ScottandJoanne'sTravels! Says, "it should be"direct" We did try several direct titles, only to find out they were already taken. It evolved into BlantonsBlogBlah because it's time for bed! So haven't dared take a selfie to load in the square that a says: Your Photo (optional) not loaded yet :)
Welcome to our Journal. Check with us and read to the grandchildren.

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California Calling
So back to Weed
You never know....
Long time no talk...
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