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We are Sharon and Jon Hubbell. We live full-time in our 36-foot Beaver motorhome and have lived and worked in the Olympia, Washington, area for nearly 40 years. We began our full-time travel in March 2005.

These entries tell of our travel adventures for 2011 – our seventh year.

The Space Shuttles were about to be retired so we determined that we would see one launched. We took our time crossing from California to Florida where we waited through the endless rescheduling. Our time was not wasted, however. While we waited, we spent time in Sarasota with Jon’s two sisters and a niece and then with some good friends from Fort Lauderdale. We came back to Washington by way of Boston, a layover to visit a friend near Buffalo, NY, and a brief stop in Kansas for a total of 32 states and 10,645 miles. We rounded off the year with a small boat cruise on the Columbia River and three months volunteering at a wildlife refuge in California – the same state where we started the year.

We invite you to share in our entire adventure by clicking on the My Travel Homepage link on the right and visiting often. If you would like to be notified by e-mail when we make updates to this web site, please let us know. You can do that by clicking on the "Request Updates" link on each journal home page. Also, feel free to send us a note any time via the "Leave a Message" link. We like to keep in touch.

To follow our travel, refer to the detail maps below. The numbered squares connected by green lines show where we have been and correspond to the numbers just to the left of the dated entries. Click on any date to view the pictures and read about that day's adventures.

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Month 3 - Sacramento...
Month 2 – Sacramento...
Sacramento National...
Astoria, Fort Clatsop,...
Columbia Gorge –...
Palouse River –...
Hells Canyon –...
Portland & Up River –...
Pierce, Idaho – The...
Escapade, Gillette,...
Elma, Washington
Glengary, Idaho
Tallgrass Prairie...
La Cygnes, Kansas
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